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Residential care at Nutley Hall is offered within a community context, so choosing to make your home here means to be a part of this distinctive community oriented way of life. This may already be familiar to those who have experienced social community, festival celebration and general sense of health and wellbeing cultivated in similar settings such as Camphill schools or training centres. 

To others it may be the start of a new journey, and need time for testing out and consideration. Some choose initially to attend the day craft workshops without moving in.  At some point – like those many residents who have made Nutley Hall their long-term home – you will know if this is your lifestyle choice, in which you can continue to grow along with the community itself.

Nutley Hall is home to men and women of all ages who need support and help with care.  Most residents approach us between their 18th & 30th birthdays on the recommendation of their carers, their family or their social worker.  We then organise a preliminary visit for an informal meeting & exchange.  Staff can meet you and you can see what Nutley Hall has to offer.  If you like what you see, we will give you a brochure and Guidance to Provision, the Admission Policy & Procedure & an Admission Form.

After that Nutley Hall will consider reports & reviews from your previous placements and a full Needs Assessment and current care plan from your adult social care manager.  We will then be able to say how we might be able to meet your needs..

If there is a vacancy and you would like to pursue it, you will need the chance to experience community life at first hand. We will organise a trial stay for a few days when you can meet and get to know as many residents and staff as possible.

If you, your family and social worker and Nutley Hall all agree that this is the best place for you to be the Terms & Conditions, a contract and fee agreements will all need to be in place too.  Even then, you will still have a trial period during which you will be able to decide if you want to make Nutley Hall your home and engage in its ethos & lifestyle.

There are no racial, religious or denominational restrictions.


Guidance to community provision 2022 (Extended Statement of Purpose)


Brief overview for residents

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