Recruitment and Volunteering


At Nutley Hall there are both salaried employment positions and various volunteer opportunities as outlined below.


There are a wide range of employment possibilities at Nutley Hall, full- or part-time, although staff turnover is generally low and infrequent.  There are several positions in personal care & support, some in day craft workshops, and a few in ancillary & support roles and therapeutic work.

Residents’ care & support roles
The houses in the community are led by teams of house co-ordinators, mostly residential.  For senior roles, extensive experience at house co-ordinator level, having worked & lived with anthroposophical social therapy (or social pedagogy) in a Rudolf Steiner community & been responsible for adults with learning disabilities, is essential.  Applicants will be required to have achieved accredited graduate-level qualifications in anthroposophical social care, e.g. BACE or BASP (or equivalent) and continuing professional development will be expected.  (We will always be interested in following-up enquiries from people with such experience & qualifications, even if there is no current position available.)  House co-ordinator roles are advertised in the quarterly New View magazine, on our website and locally in the Forest Row area.  There are sometimes posts for other senior care staff, experienced & qualified in anthroposophical social therapy for adults with learning disabilities, or for partly qualified co-workers who wish to continue and develop their career.  We cannot usually entertain enquiries from care workers without the requisite qualifications & experience, but they may be interested in starting in a volunteer role.

Craft workshop roles
There are relatively few positions in leading craft workshops.  When one becomes available (infrequently), it will be advertised in the quarterly New View, on our website and locally in the Forest Row area.  Proven professional skills and a commitment to the Nutley Hall community ethos & vision will be essential – and ideally applicants will have relevant experience in a Rudolf Steiner community.  Occasionally there are openings for paid craft workshop assistants or bakery or kitchen assistants, usually part-time, that will be advertised on the website and locally.

Ancillary & support staff
The few positions in the office, kitchen, maintenance, laundry and cleaning spheres seldom become available.  When they do, they will usually be advertised on the website and locally.

Therapeutic & educational work
Part-time opportunities in these spheres are very limited and will often be attached to a wider role within the community.  Enquiries from music, folk dance or communication teachers who could work part-time with adults with learning disabilities will usually be of interest to us.

All current employment vacancies will be posted in the Jobs Vacant section of this website, as well as being advertised elsewhere.  All appointments will be subject to satisfactory professional references, an enhanced DBS check (formerly CRB) and a probationary period.


From its foundation in 1959, enthusiastic volunteers have played a vital role in the lively, cosmopolitan and diverse community at Nutley Hall and we always welcome new enquiries.  There are different ways of volunteering.

Part time, locally-based volunteers
For those who would like to donate some of their own time to service in the community there are opportunities to take part in unpaid social support of our residents, helping with craft work or in the gardens, accompanying walks, outings and other activities or teaching and/or encouraging special skills or interests such as music, poetry, hobbies, perhaps one-to-one with an individual resident.  Such a role might be particularly suited to mature, responsible people who have the confidence to relate to adults with learning disabilities.

After an introduction and orientation and clearance from the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) such volunteers can make a very positive contribution to the residents’ life if they wish to make a regular commitment.

Full time residential volunteers
Several residential volunteers are taken on, usually at the end of August each year for a full 12-month stay.  These “co-workers” are provided with full board & lodging. They live and work in one of the houses, giving care and support to the residents after completing a comprehensive induction training.  The main duties take place around daily housework, preparation of morning & evening meals and assisting residents with personal care.  There is also the opportunity to spend time in craft workshops, to participate in Nutley Hall’s festival & cultural life – for which musical co-workers can be a great asset – and to support social & recreational activities.  A driving licence is very helpful, but not essential.

This can provide a fulfilling gap year before embarking on a study or career path, but might also be an ideal first step towards pursuing a career in social therapy or pedagogy.

Prospective co-workers may apply directly to the Nutley Hall office at any time for the forthcoming August* and then they will be sent further information and asked to return an application form with other details.  (*N.B. Very occasionally there are positions available at other times of year; if so, they will be advertised on the website.)

Co-worker volunteers may apply from any country, but will normally be expected to pay their own travel and any visa costs.  If applying from outside the UK, it will be necessary first for Nutley Hall to issue a Tier 5 (Charity Volunteer) Certificate of Sponsorship.  Some volunteers may prefer to apply via the “Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners” or "EOS" portal, which provides support and an orientation programme.  (, (

Occasionally it is possible to arrange a residential internship for a volunteer with professional training and qualifications, e.g. a BA in Curative Education or Social Pedagogy or in nursing.  It will be similar to working as a co-worker, but could involve a greater level of responsibility and may provide a pathway to potential future employment.

For all volunteer positions described above, a completed Nutley Hall application form, references and DBS (or a national police check) clearance will be required.

School-based practical experience
Class 11 pupils in most Steiner/Waldorf schools (aged 17+) have a 3 to 4 week “social practice” component in their curriculum.  Depending on available accommodation, we welcome “practicants” to gain their experience at Nutley Hall, but this does not involve any personal care.  Pupils in the locality, who are living at home, are also welcome to apply for a similar, but non-residential, practice block.  Sometimes it is possible for other local school pupils or students to offer a regular commitment in helping at Nutley Hall, e.g. as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award or similar programmes.