Training & Work

Residents at Nutley Hall are offered a wide range of practical, educational and creative activities, accessed both on-site and within the locality.

Activity programmes are flexible and stimulating. They support both the learning of new skills and competences  and their continuous development through life.

For residents wishing to undertake further education, especially the younger members of the community, education and training components are prominent and a variety of activities are available. For those who have a special interest, opportunities in baking and crafts activities can form an important basic underpinning for skills development. In addition, local employment opportunities can be negotiated where appropriate.

Acquiring skills and putting them to use in the creation of useful and beautiful objects is a valuable stimulus to gaining self-esteem and a sense of achievement. Working with natural materials in activities such as weaving, woodwork, basket-making and candle-making successfully combines both a therapeutic and a productive purpose.