About Us

sbout-usNutley Hall strives to be an enabling environment in which the potential of each person can find expression within a supportive social context and where recognition of the unique qualities of the individual informs the approach to development of meaningful social and practical skills.

Our Aims

The choice of where to put down roots and how to make one’s home is important for each one of us. It is especially so for a young person with a learning disability, who requires an environment which will enable him or her to develop and mature while being cared for and supported, possibly over the long term. The challenges associated with disability such as social integration and self-reliance will always require a special kind of encouragement and support. At Nutley Hall we are committed to meeting these challenges with sensitivity and consideration.

We aim to promote an environment in which each member of the community is recognised and can find fulfilment of purpose. Our approach advocates the benefits of a balanced and sustaining integration of the important activities associated with home life, working life and cultural life around the support and developmental needs of each person. These needs are addressed with reference to an understanding of the many differing attributes and qualities inherent, but sometimes hidden in each human being. We believe that this integrated and cohesive approach can form the basis for a dignified, fruitful and balanced life, something which is perhaps of particular value today.

Brief Overview

Nutley Hall is a living and working community providing residential care & support (plus day-care) for 33 residents, and employs nearly 50 members of staff, many of them also resident. It is a registered care home for adults with learning disabilities, with a craft centre and a lively cultural & social environment.

Nutley Hall is a non profit-making company, registered as a charity with the Charity Commissioners (no. 307023), and with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The Main House has the Phoenix & Ashdown View households and there are four other residential houses. The work takes place in on-site workshops: the Bakery; the Weavery; Woodwork; Candle & Basket-making; the Kitchen, the Laundry and the Garden & Grounds - & Ashdown Forest. There are also adult education classes, movement, music and drama, and many social and cultural activities, some of them – like horse-riding and swimming – outside Nutley Hall. The community meeting centre and theatre is a specially designed hall known as “Orchard House”.

Nutley Hall is situated on the main A22 London to Eastbourne road in the centre of the village of Nutley, five miles north of Uckfield in East Sussex. The lanes on each side of Nutley Hall lead down directly onto Ashdown Forest, where residents can enjoy walking.

Nutley Hall is home to people with a range of learning disabilities at different levels of need. Residents usually choose to stay a long time, often seeing Nutley Hall as their home. Residents, both men and women, vary in age from the twenties to the eighties.

Personal Development

Change and development can vary in their degree, but are both central to human life. In this respect, members of the Nutley Hall community are encouraged to take new steps, whether in the sphere of human relationships or practical achievements; whether in terms of self-confidence or in sharing their own unique human qualities. Given that many come to Nutley Hall with an unclear picture of what their future may hold, the intention is to provide an enabling environment in which the potential of each one can find expression within a supportive social context.