Who We Are

We aim to provide a homely environment that respects the potential of each individual and attempts to work towards each person contributing their own unique part to the whole of the community. Below are some stories to provide a snapshot of what some of our residents are encouraged to develop



Nathan has been with us for eighteen years. For all these years he has been collecting various interesting stones he finds throughout his travels.  Every time Nathan goes on an outing or a walk, be it to the beach or on the forest, he finds stones which he likes and often brings them back.  Following Nathan’s participation in an artistic course, a place was found for him to display his stones.  Ever changing, his corner in Oaklea's Garden is a peaceful space that he has created with pride.



Lily has been at Nutley Hall since 2019. She lives in Oaklea, the newest house of Nutley Hall.

Down in Oaklea’s garden we have several chickens, one of them is Polly who recently had two chicks herself. Whenever Lily can, she has a stroll around the garden, saying hello to the chickens and catching some sun.



Laura has made a sun hive in the ‘Day workshop’ and after a bee swarm was collected in a skep made by Alison, Laura with help from Charlotte transferred the bees and is now very proud of her newly learned skills as a beekeeper.