Feedback and Testimonials

On a regular basis we invite feedback from our residents, their friends and families.

From the latest review about the the perceived strengths of Nutley Hall:

“It is the care of the individual and their needs. The staff is excellent and they go to great lengths to look after the residents.”

“Their ethos, the encouragement that the residents receive to achieve so many things, the feeling of belonging to a family of very caring people.”

“1Wonderfully caring community which provides a peaceful atmosphere in lovely surroundings, 2. A variety of workshops, 3. Limited number of residents in different houses to avoid any feeling of institution, 4. Staff is of different nationalities, 5.Young co-workers who come for just a year and each contribute new ways and ideas.”

“Care is the keystone of Nutley Hall life combined with a real interest in the individual resident.”

“As I don’t live at Nutley I rely on my observations when I visit and how my son behaves and talks about his life in Nutley. He is very well cared for – emotionally & physically. His creative talents and work ethic are valued and strengthened. The staff are always willing to interact with me when I visit and my son is very confident and has good self-esteem which has been cultivated and strengthened through his being at Nutley.”

Asked for feedback regarding improvements we received the following:

“NH is a lovely place – improvements are being carried out by the care management team from time to time and all to the good.”

“Perhaps another workshop-another craft could be offered?”

“In our view none are needed.”

Further comments:

“I am very grateful that my daughter is delighted to spend her holidays with me and equally delighted to return to Nutley Hall. I wish I could join in more with the events that happen there. My deep thanks to the Nutley Hall Community.”