Achieving a balanced mix of engaging daily activities forms one of the cornerstones of our provision, as these activities offer numerous opportunities for the supported development of practical, social and thinking skills and capacities.

Our craft workshops offer the central day time activities at Nutley Hall and represent a flexible and stimulating environment for both the development of new skills and their continuation into later life. Activities are delivered according to their beneficial therapeutic and developmental qualities, around the carefully defined needs of each individual and according to their preferences. The integrity and breadth of our craft based activities means that they can be offered in order to strengthen and reinforce the development of life skills, while stimulating the imagination and creative impetus.

For residents wishing to undertake further education or training, opportunities are prominent within the wide variety of activities available either within Nutley Hall or locally where college, work placements and educational outings can be arranged.

Additional one to one or higher level support can be provided where needs arise.

An ethos of mutual support and social awareness is important within the community and to this end residents are encouraged to make a contribution of their work in the fulfillment of daily needs. So, when a loaf of bread is produced in our bakery, or vegetables are grown in our garden for example, there is a sense of fulfillment in knowing that one’s work is appreciated, enjoyed and of value to others. In addition, practical and creative input into seasonal festivals, birthdays and all manner of events brings a yearly rhythm and social focus to activities.

A wide range of products such as garments and furnishings, musical instruments, specialist breads and pastries, vegetables, woodland products, beeswax candles and basketry are all created in our workshops.

Some of these artefacts find an outlet in the wider world through our small on-site sales area, a discrete yet valuable point of contact between producer and client. In addition, the work can also be purchased through a number of other local outlets, or by commission. Please contact us for further information.