In joining the path of the craftsperson each individual  learns to nurture a pride and dignity in his/her work and it is these qualities which we strive to develop in the Weavery.

Through sustained work, life-long skills in knitting and weaving in addition to felting and paper and rug making can be developed. Fine motor skills are required which enhance spatial awareness, coordination and attention to detail. Likewise, the activities of measuring, counting and of following a sequence can assist in the development of concentration and cognitive ability.

The abundance of colour nourishes the workshop participants while seasonal craft-making connects our activities with nature and the journey of the seasons. Care is given to support the choice of projects to maintain and expand skills and thus encourage participants to explore their full potential as weavers.

We make scarves, rugs, jumpers, toys, table linen, cushions, hats, tea cozies and more. Products are sold both locally and by commission and we welcome visitors, please phone first to arrange a time.