The garden workshop offers the opportunity to undertake various seasonal garden tasks, in order to maintain our 2 acre land, as well as to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.

In Winter, we put the growing areas to bed, feeding and mulching ready for the next years growth.

In Spring, we dig the soil, pull out the weeds and sow our seeds.

In Summer, we harvest our crops, mow the lawns, and keep a watch over the apples ripening in our orchard.

In Autumn, we gather the rest of our harvest, collect seeds, clear the weeds, and rake the leaves for compost making.

With our hands we participate in the rhythm of the seasonal year through the work of the gardener, bringing nourishment to both home and heart.

Land Care Work

The whole community at Nutley Hall is invited to undertake various practical and social activities, through which they can connect with the natural landscape of Nutley Hall in an engaged way. This comes in the form of: Community Garden mornings, Harvest processing days, Small group studies into developing our ‘Landscape rooms’, and the application of Biodynamic preparations (see photos below).

Our land care work is inspired by agricultural/horticultural methods developed by Rudolf Steiner, as well as insights givenby J.W. Goethe in how to actively observe and engage with the natural environment.

By stimulating people to look and work with interest, we aim to bring into expression, the individuality of both person and natural place in a mutually beneficial way.

    Community Garden Mornings                                           Harvest Processing Days

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Small group studies to develop various Landscape rooms, for example the Recycling area

Was 2013                                                                  Now 2017

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Making and applying the Biodynamic Preparations

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