making candles

Beeswax, so carefully and painstaking created by honey bees is transformed by simple, ancient craft techniques into hand-dipped candles. The process can involve our workshop team in many different ways: some straightforward, but others requiring a high skill input.

We operate similarly in basket weaving, one of the most ancient of crafts. Round baskets are constructed and woven from rattan or more complex square baskets, created from a mixture of Somerset willow and material grown in Nutley Hall’s own willow coppice.

Simple activities can help form and strengthen the will capacity,helping us to engage effectively in daily life. More complex activities can encourage accuracy, numeracy, creativity, observation, timing, rhythm and being present in the moment.

The resulting products are used throughout the whole year at Nutley Hall, in celebrating birthdays or the yearly festivals or sold in a number of different retail outlets in South East England. For example: candles in Rudolf Steiner bookshop in London and candles and baskets at Infinity Foods in Brighton.