the bakery

In the Nutley Hall bakery, we deliver small batch runs of speciality breads along with biscuits, cakes and cereals within a supported workshop setting. In addition to supplying all the community’s baking requirements, we provide products to three local bio dynamic/organic farm shops and also an organic shop in Forest Row. Products are of high standard and they need to be ready on time to fulfil all our diverse orders.

In the bakery, the pace of work can be brisk and stimulating, and we aim to foster a strong sense of personal achievement for each resident, by differentiating tasks and making sure that everyone is encouraged to work to the very best of their individual abilities.


Bakers are involved in every stage of production, from weighing of the initial ingredients to the wrapping of the finished products. Creative tasks such as hand finishing loaves (by rolling the dough into shapes and seeding the top) are balanced by the many practical tasks such as cleaning, washing up and sweeping. All bakers learn the importance of maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene within the working environment.