Residents enjoy attending the Community Building and Social Renewal Conference in Scotland

In May six residents and three staff took part in the 6th Community Building and Social Renewal Conference in New Lanark, Scotland. Together with some 150 participants from 22 UK and US communities a theme of ‘communities of the future’ was explored by way of artistic work (film-making, singing, painting and eurythmy), seminars and plenums.

In remembering Robert Owen’s social impulse that started in New Lanark 200 years ago we realised, as Tom Ravetz said in his opening talk, that we are still only ‘prepares of prepares’ and that we need to develop ‘a new kind of selflessness’ for the communities of the future.

The conference was a great place to meet old friends and make new ones and to be inspired in the pursuit of living together in peace and social harmony.

Please have a look at the slideshow of the conference here: New Lanark Conference