Our new sustainable energy district heating system

Over the last few years the community has been exploring ways of saving energy and specifically how to replace its aging oil fired boilers with a sustainable alternative. After much research we decided to opt for a pellet – fired biomass system which will meet all our space heating and hot water requirements.

In 2009 we organised a feasibility study which was funded by The Carbon Trust which indicated that a biomass district heating scheme would not only be a sustainable alternative to oil but would save us a considerable amount of money over the system’s lifetime.

With the election of the coalition government capital funding grants were withdrawn, meaning that we weren’t sure if we could go ahead with the project, but grants have now been replaced by the Renewable Heat Incentive, where payments are made over a twenty year period to eligible producers of sustainable energy.

We had quotes form three different companies and eventually decided to contract the local company Douch Eco, who have now build and installed the system.

A number of the residents at Nutley Hall have been involved with the project, especially in choosing the appropriate siting and appearance of the hardware and we are all very happy to be looking ahead to many years of sustainably produced energy.

Construction work is now almost completed and we hope to have our Grand Opening sometime in September or October, so look out for the date which will be posted here.