Fundraising Update

Dear Friends,


Last May we launched a fundraising campaign to raise money towards a new building in Nutley Hall. I am very pleased to inform you that we have raised the minimum amount required to being the building work this spring. We have so far raised more than £200,000. The donations included extremely generous contributions:

£87,000 from Software AG foundation

£50,000 pledge from an individual

£10,000 from the Bernard Sunley Foundation

We also still have several pending applications with other charitable foundations.


In addition we have so far had individual donations ranging from £1 to £2000 from more than 80 people. Each donation matters and we were touched by the generosity and dedication of our friends and families.


The fundraising effort will continue throughout the year as we are hoping to minimise the need for loans.


Here is a last opportunity to see Oaklea before the demolition which is due to take place at the beginning of May:


East Elevation
North/West elevation


We will keep you updated with developments!



Best wishes